Revenue Up 6% Year on Year

01 Apr 2017 Revenue Up 6% Year on Year

Press Release: Dynamic EMS Revenue Up 6% Since Last Financial Year End Report

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Dynamic EMS Revenue Up 6% Since Last Financial Year End Report

Despite U.K. Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) market predictions, for four years of consecutive flat growth, (source MMI), Dynamic EMS ( are pleased to announce that they have outperformed forecasts, with continued growth for financial year FY16 of 6%.

Development and Growth

John Dignan, Managing Director, is proud to report; “Dynamic EMS has shirked market trends in favour of growth, which stems from both our organic and existing indigenous U.K. customer base, as well as witnessing steady investment from new developmental customers, who are coming to Dynamic EMS for the quality, precision, and pace, which is required when bringing innovation to life.”

As new clients experience the benefits of partnering with Dynamic EMS to design, develop and fulfil New Product Introduction (NPI) requirements at speed, they expect to see further growth, as ‘incubator accounts’ transition through the; Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Cost (DFC), stages to scale for volume production, within a low volume, high mix manufacturing environment.

Current clients of Dynamic EMS believe that one of the true benefits of becoming embedded within their manufacturing culture is the creation of long-term, mutually beneficial relations. The formation of a partnership that is focused on customer delight, generating and encouraging repeat and ongoing business.  Dynamic EMS boasts of 20 years+ relationships with some of their founding Original Equipment Maker (OEM) partners.

Mr. Dignan believes that his long-term view to cementing customer relationships has enabled Dynamic EMS to stay ahead of the curve, and is even more important during the current uncertainty and the macroeconomics of global trade.  Over the coming financial period, Dynamic EMS will proactively forecast how the macroeconomic climate, the impact of Brexit and the U.S. Presidency, will alter or impact trading and material costing, as the foreign exchange rate fluctuates.  The continued consolidation of the distributor network will also compound these cost increases, as component costs will fund varying types of mergers and acquisitions.

However, as previously reported, in spite of these regional and global market conditions, Dynamic EMS’s future predictions for health and wellbeing will continue into FY17.   With two new Wearables and Aquatec technology, customers won in quarter one, both of which will reach volume production by year-end, Dynamic EMS will continue to see positive signs of development within innovation and new ventures.

Dynamic EMS will also continue along their existing path of investment in new cutting edge equipment and talent acquisition, on their continuous drive for operational efficiency and excellence.  The company will make further investment into its Quality Management Systems with the introduction of ISO 13485, having achieved ISO 9001:2015 in Financial Year 2016.


About Dynamic EMS Ltd.

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