2021 Performance and Projection

2021 Performance and Projection

In this article, John Watt, Financial Director, Dynamic EMS, provides us with an overview of the company’s 2020 performance and looks out to 2021, with an eye to strategic awareness, learning and change.

The year 2020, for all types of businesses, was extremely challenging and for Dynamic EMS, there was no exception.

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Our unaudited numbers saw a fall in revenues from our 2019 performance, but overall, the business still returned healthy profits. 

As predicted in 2019, the first quarter of 2020 started strong.  We actually returned our best performance ever.  As March turned to April and COVID-19 dominated our personal and professional lives, Dynamic EMS continued to perform very well, particularly in servicing critical infrastructure projects, as well as becoming involved in major technology projects targeting protecting people from and combatting the virus. This involvement offset the downturn we saw in some of our more ‘traditional’ and historical businesses.

Dynamic EMS saw substantial increase in new business opportunity and activity to partner with new Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) customers.  These projects, the development of leading-edge technology, will continue into 2021 and beyond, and the contribution from these has been taken into account for our future growth targets.

This doesn’t mean that we’ve neglected our strategic vision to grow through continued investment in current customers.  The opposite actually.  Existing customers, we refer to these as ‘educated OEMs’, continue to grow as they keep gaining market share.  Our historical partners will also always develop the next generation of their technology, or complimentary products, that enhance their product portfolio.  As we have strong relations, combined with a stellar understanding of their business and their market entrance, Dynamic EMS are the preferred partner from NPI to volume production.

Customers come to Dynamic EMS as we offer an attractive service model, that is menu driven by the customers themselves. We develop unique business models that facilitate the building of long-term sustainable business partnerships, whether that be the co-development of products, or offering a more attractive volume production model.

Over the past three years the business has continued to grow and is on firm financial footing, the foundation of any business. We have managed working capital to facilitate that growth and have zero debt.  The business is strongly positioned to continue in its natural growth trajectory.  Looking towards the future, Dynamic EMS will facilitate its growth by making the right investment decisions across all business areas, Capex, People, and additional electronics manufacturing resources, as and where needed.

As we enter into 2021 post Brexit, and assessing the year ahead for Dynamic EMS, we have a promising and positive outlook. We have revised our procedures to comply with new custom regulations covering our exports and imports. 

We will continue to work seamlessly with our suppliers, employees, customers and customer’s customer, to maximise the full supply chain simplicity benefits to all. 

We also plan to keep raising brand Dynamic EMS awareness, by investing in various marketing and communications efforts, which helps us enhance our network and spread best practice lessons.  An example of this, you may recall that we planned to host an exclusive event entitled “EMS Dynamics”.  Our event was naturally postponed in 2020, but we are looking forward to inviting our influential speakers and guests to our facility and opening our doors for all once again.  I am sure everyone is looking forward to a time when we can all be together once more.

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