A day in the life of John Dignan, MD, Dynamic EMS

A day in the life of John Dignan, MD, Dynamic EMS

John Dignan joined Dynamic EMS in 2005 as Sales Director, before taking over the helm in 2011 as Managing Director. Three years later he acquired the Dunfermline-based electronic manufacturing services (EMS) business, which employs 100 people and has grown under his leadership.

As Dynamic EMS enters its 61st year in business, John Dignan reflects on the past, talks about his modern style of management and how it’s moving forward in a ‘dynamic’ way.


How has Dynamic EMS changed since you joined in 2005?

Social, environmental, political, technological and economic challenges have all impacted on the electronic manufacturing sector in the UK but fortunately, we have ridden the wave of change.

By recognising the need of the customer and indeed the needs of our customers’ customer, we have continued to invest in relationships and taken a long-term view rather than a quick-fix approach. However, continuing to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with new customers as well as growing the company organically can be a challenge. Our customer retention is very positive as we have adopted a “Service Model” that allows the company to be extremely responsive to the increasing demand of the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry.


As Owner and MD since 2011, what is that you bring to the organisation?

The business operates a paternalistic, open and communicative culture towards our employees, many of whom have served the company over many years and whose loyalty ensures that we achieve our aspirations.

I’d like to think I’m consultative in my leadership style and place accountability for the day to day running of the business with the management team, but I am still very hands on.

I am always up early and reviewing emails and planning for the day from 5.30am, before heading into the office and having my first ‘meet of the day’ around 8am. We have a daily directors meeting at 9am to review the previous days outputs, misses and opportunities. In our industry margins are very thin, so we keep a close eye on those too.

Dynamic EMS has experienced growth year on year. What’s the biggest factor behind that growth?

Since 2014 the company has grown on successive years and now has a turnover of £9.5 million.

This is primarily down to the development of our sales strategy that is sector based and diversified in ‘niche’ technologies.  This looks to attract like-minded individuals who value our service offering.  We believe that a contributing factor to our year-on-year growth has come from deploying this strategy and by choosing the right customers to engage with.


What does the future hold for Dynamic EMS?

Much of the same I hope! We have a clear direction, are results driven and we aren’t scared to ask others for advice.

Dynamic EMS will continue to grow its UK indigenous business with the potential to develop internationally, as we look to attract more European and North American based customers.

Our sixty-one years of success is a result of our business commitment. We haven’t deviated too far from our original plan to invest in the relationship with our customers and we will continue to do so.