David Gray



“Striking a Chord Between Finance and Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

Meet David Gray, the numbers wizard and financial virtuoso who joined our stage as Finance Director. Boasting over 20 years of experience in senior finance roles, David has been in sectors as diverse as Scottish drinks, energy consultancy, children’s nurseries, and even food production. His versatility doesn’t end there. Whether it’s live gigs or live spreadsheets, David knows how to keep the rhythm going. 

The Role: The ‘Metronome’ of Dynamic EMS

In an industry that moves as swiftly as Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), having a skilled Finance Director is crucial. Just like the metronome sets the tempo for a rock band, David sets the financial tone for Dynamic EMS. He’s our go-to maestro for everything from system implementations, due diligence, to strategising various funding initiatives.

Cross-Functional Harmonising

David’s ability to harmonise financial, commercial, and operational melodies has made him indispensable. He works in sync with our Managing Director, orchestrating strategic plans like a seasoned conductor. But don’t be fooled; he’s still hands-on, keeping a close eye on the financial ‘setlist’ to ensure we’re always gig-ready.

A Symphony of Achievements

Over the years, David has amped up the bass on team development, enhanced management information systems, and fine-tuned processes, making him a comprehensive Finance Director. From business acquisitions to turnarounds, David’s got a financial chord for every situation.

Off The Charts: Life Outside the Ledger

Sport and music keep David’s life outside of work as dynamic as his financial plans. With a single-figure handicap, you’ll find him on the local Links golf course every Saturday morning, or maybe even attempting a game of pickleball (though his hip is currently vetoing that idea!). An avid sports enthusiast, whether it’s football, rugby, or golf, if it’s live, he’s there.

He’s also a rock aficionado, attending a dozen or so live gigs each year and treasuring his vinyl collection in his personal music room at home.

When he’s not ‘touring’ his local sports venues or music spots, he’s jet-setting across the globe—from New Zealand to Mexico. After all, he’d much rather explore the world than sit by a pool.

David’s Philosophy

“In the finance world, like in sport and music, it’s all about keeping tempo. Whether you’re setting up a killer funding initiative or setting up a putt, rhythm is key.”