Gillian Reid



Orchestrating Parts & Parties, Both Electronically & Musically!

Step right into the vibrant universe of Gillian Reid, Dynamic EMS’s brand-new Materials Manager as of March 2023. With over 35 years of experience in contract manufacturing—ranging from Tier I to Tier II organisations—and a time as a manager for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Gillian brings a wealth of experience from both EMS and OEM worlds into our operations.

The Role: More Than Just Counting Capacitors

Ever wonder who keeps our complex material inventory in harmony? That would be Gillian. She’s the maestro of materials, juggling the constant balancing act of ensuring material supply whilst maximising cash flow.

A Symphony of Skills

Her seasoned experience working on both sides of the manufacturing aisle—for both OEMs and contract manufacturers (CMs)—equips her with a unique perspective enabling her to understand the needs and wants of both parties. Gillian revels in the challenges that each new day brings and thrives on her interactions with other departments and customers alike. Simply put, she orchestrates operations like a maestro conducts an orchestra: seamlessly and with great flair.

The People Person: Mentorship and Team Building

As much as she loves capacitors and resistors, Gillian’s true passion lies in empowering people. She has an innate skill for mentoring and building strong, capable teams, a talent that has only added to her many successes.

In Her Spare Time: From California Sunshine to Musical Showtime

Away from the workplace, Gillian lives with her partner Gary and their lovable Labradoodle, Cooper. When she’s not at live music gigs or jet-setting to exotic festivals, she’s likely reminiscing about her five wonderful years in California, where her daughter—who boasts dual nationality—was born.

Gillian’s Philosophy

“In this line of work, as in life, it’s about balancing the circuitry and the symphony—knowing when to push forward and when to pause, when to engage with a supplier and when to rock out at a festival.”