Ace Aquatec Case Study

Ace Aquatec Case Study

Ace Aquatec specialises in acoustic marine mammal deterrents & humane electrical fish stunning equipment.

The Challenge

Ace Aquatec required a UK Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS), who was able to work with them on a local level from their base in Dundee, Scotland, whilst organising their global logistics.

The Project

To build and test the humane electrical fishing stunning equipment taking extreme environmental and application needs in mind, for example, extreme weather conditions in the middle of the North Sea!

The Solution

Dynamic EMS has put a team of regulated industry experts in place who replicate the harsh environments that our complex equipment needs to perform within.  This type of test isn’t the EMS industry norm.

Benefits to Ace Aquatec

Ace Aquatec can take a ‘hands-off’ approach to manufacturing allowing them to focus on their own core competencies of Research & Design and Marketing.

This has helped to inject speed into their own business, allowing them to review the next generation of equipment and continuous improvement, with a high degree of frequency.

Benefits to Dynamic EMS

Introduced a new type of business, market segment, and capability to Dynamic EMS

The relationship has deepened into one of a strategic alliance

Increased utilisation of services throughout the production lifecycle from manufacturing to dest development to distribution

The ability to control the complete supply chain by being a trusted local partner

The Happy Outcome

•  Dynamic EMS controlled the entire workflow and demonstrated a flexible and scalable business model

•  The ability to scale in accordance with market demand

•  The understanding of the scope of business and it’s robust nature added a new level of test requirements to the Dynamic EMS portfolio

•  The supply chain works with speed in mind from Design from Manufacture (DFM), to compliance, to sourcing, to shipping directly to customers