Beringar Case Study

Beringar Case Study

Beringar creates clever space that unlocks potential with smart building sensors powered by machine learning.

The Challenge

Beringar wanted the benefits that a simplified supply chain would bring. They therefore wanted to partner with one Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) that could take them from prototype to production all under one roof.

The Project

To put together a collaborative a joint team to map out the Beringar supply chain and production lifecycle, from design to component sourcing, to development, design for manufacture (DFM) to delivery.

The Solution

Dynamic EMS and Beringar are one full year into the relationship, and during that time, we have gone from prototype to placing our first full-scale production order. It’s been a steep learning curve for all involved. The Dynamic EMS proactively enabled the Beringar team to design and develop their product. As a result, component are sourced, lead times are shortened, production times and yield are improved.

Benefits to Beringar

  • The Beringar team do not have an electronics manufacturing background, therefore building a trusting relationship was very important to them.
  • The mentorship that Dynamic EMS offered Beringar from the outset, was the most valuable yet intangible benefit that they
    experienced partnering with an EMS company that can offer the ability to scale.
  • Helping Beringar, as a start-up, to continuously improve.
  • One year ago Beringar had a prototype device, today they have a production ready device.

Benefits to Dynamic EMS

  • A likeminded partnership
  • The ability to enter a new market with non-traditional EMS demands
  • A scalable roadmap based on mutual success

The Happy Outcome

“The whole manufacturing process was made easier by partnering with Dynamic EMS, who openly transfered their knowledge and expertise, which helped us, as a start-up, to continuously improve.”

Quote from Mark Sorsa-Leslie, CEO and Co-Founder of Beringar