Data-driven Dynamic Decisions

Data-driven Dynamic Decisions

What to Expect from Your EMS Partner

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World Statistics Day was recently celebrated around the globe, and Dynamic EMS joined in the festivities and shared some insight into how they use statistics. It is difficult to overstate the importance of data and transparency, but it is an area that is sometimes overshadowed by innovation or the latest technology, and not always given the attention it deserves.

This year, the theme for World Statistics Day is “Connecting the world with data we can trust”. This concept is paramount at Dynamic EMS, with data being a key block with which to build and analyse their key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks.

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Electronics Quality Control: Insights and Revelations of an Expert

There are various methods of data analysis and KPIs – Six Sigma, Industry 4.0, etc. Electronics manufacturers all typically employ data and metrics to manage their design, development, and distribution processes with a certain level of transparency. We wanted to discover how Dynamic EMS manage data differently, so we sat down with Dynamics Process Improvement Manager Gordon Macdonald.

Question: How do Dynamic EMS create a quality standard?

Gordon: There are many standards and accreditations associated with the Electronics Manufacturing Service industry, and some if not all manufacturers work to or have achieved a mix of these as Dynamic has. Dynamic’s Marketing states that it prides itself “in offering a tailor-made, customised electronics manufacturing service to customers with a complex, highly diversified business”. The reasons behind this are not by chance, but by design of the vision of our Managing Director John Dignan. In addition to the adherence to the recognized standards and accreditations, developed internally in conjunction with the Product Developments working closely with our customers.

Question: How does your quality standards influence customer feedback?

Gordon: With our standards being highly focussed on our customers’ requirements, it is a great gauge whether it is either positive feedback or something that is there as an improvement opportunity.

Question: Do different products require different quality measures?

Gordon: Not specifically – quality is built from the ground up, with solid processes being the foundation. Yes, there are different requirements for different customers, but everything is built from the same concepts.

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Question: What is your key advice to minimise quality defects?

Gordon: Define the best way to do the job and then get the process tightly in control so it doesn’t get the chance to vary, and never rest on your laurels. With everything you learn, look to see where else it could add additional value.

Question: We live in a world where traceability back to batch is important. What is driving this customer requirement and what steps do Dynamic EMS take to ensure they have this level of visibility?

Gordon: Track and Trace are not new terms- we’ve been using them in the electronics industry for years, but they now have more importance as customers evaluate their supply chain for reliability, robustness, and ethical sourcing.

Question: What does Dynamic EMS offer to communicate security and safety in the sourcing and supply chain of electronics manufacturing?

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Gordon: The increased customer requirements for batch traceability is being driven by two factors – tightened regulatory requirements, i.e. medical/security/defence etc., but also an increase in corporate awareness of moral issues within a global marketplace.

By working with key suppliers and through a strictly controlled ERP system, Dynamics EMS can identify the specific purchase receipt and supplier of any component we procure.  Through regular dialog and questionnaires of our supply chain partners, they ensure more of the raw materials purchased or used in the construction of the purchased parts have been sourced through channels which do not exploit vulnerable labour or support companies working in conflict areas.

Question: Regarding EMS industry quality inspection insights – please tell us about Six Sigma and Lean, specifically what Dynamic EMS can do differently.

Gordon: The name Dynamic is very fitting for our business – anyone who knows anything about the industry knows that about the only certainty is the speed of change. Having a Six Sigma Black Belt qualification for me is far less important to the way we work than actually getting that knowledge passed on to the people we are bringing through and developing. We work in a Dynamic environment and do it in a controlled way. Whilst tools like Six Sigma & Lean support them, Dynamic’s real secret to success is our people.

Dynamic’s primary focus is to develop long-term relationships that are built on a foundation of truly understanding their customers’ individual needs.  This allows them to develop unique value propositions, as unique as their customers.

Quality is a key value embedded into their culture, and this is founded on their Management commitment to continuous improvement.  All of the services offered by Dynamic EMS are underpinned by their Quality Management System which ensures complete traceability back to vendor and batch. Additionally, their key value of Quality also applies to their staff. Since it is rather easy to use basic tools like Six Sigma and Lean, the differentiator, at least for an EMS company, is in their people. Dynamic realise this, and so invest attention and funding into their staff.

About Dynamic EMS

At Dynamic EMS, we understand that no two-electronic equipment manufacturing customers are the same.  Their products, their supply chains, and their markets all differ, which is why Dynamic EMS offers tailor-made, customised electronics manufacturing services to customers with complex, highly diversified business.

From design to distribution, we enable our customers to be more competitive by bringing innovative solutions to market faster, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.  Dynamic EMS – Your Product Solutions Architect.

Enabling Market Solutions for all technology companies, we enable scale, scope, and speed.

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