Design to Development

Design to Development

How leading Contract Manufacturer Dynamic EMS brings an idea to life, whilst creating lifetime relationships.

John Dignan, Managing Director and Owner of Dynamic EMS, principal UK Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS), would like to introduce you to a strategic and valuable Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customer, Pacla Robo Physio.

In this three-minute video, their collaborative approach is brought to life before your very eyes;

Pacla Robo Physio ( develops robotic physiotherapy aids to help reduce pain, help with walking, increase energy levels and promote general well-being. While a user is lying on their back, the robotic fingers underneath move the spine to remove back stiffness.

Chongsu Lee, Founder, and CEO, developed the Robo Physio automated spine massage machine, as he was looking to create an aesthetically pleasing engineered back massager, that would sit naturally within anyone’s home to ensure that they could receive the treatment they require, as they required it.

Having trained both as an engineer and physiotherapist, Chongsu Lee spent seven years in Edinburgh treating people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and chronic back pain.  Using a unique, hands-on technique that reduced stiffness in the spinal joints, he helped people enjoy a better quality of life. However, the treatment was difficult and time-consuming as he could only treat small sections of the back at a time.

Combining engineering and physiotherapy, Chongsu Lee found a way of mechanising his unique spinal manipulation that ensured consistency, increased effectiveness and made it more affordable and accessible to all.

The Pacla Robo Physio team met Dynamic EMS team, as they started their journey to look for an ISO 13485 certified partner.  ISO 13485 certification is held when the EMS facility has met a certain set of criteria to ensure that they can manufacture medical devices within a safe environment.  Dynamic EMS was awarded ISO 13485 in November 2017.

Chongsu Lee commented on his collaboration with Dynamic EMS; “As a start-up, the future is a bit uncertain, which can make finding a manufacturing partner challenging, but from the moment we met Dynamic EMS, we were made to feel welcome. From our primary conversation to placing our initial order with Dynamic EMS, we had our systems manufactured and shipped directly to our customers within three months. That is unheard of in the electronics manufacturing industry.”

John Dignan stated; “We got involved in the Pacla Robo Physio project from the outset when Chongsu Lee literally had an idea but didn’t have the supply chain network connections in place to enable product realisation.  We’ve worked from Chongsu Lee’s initial sketch, through to Design for Manufacture (DFM).  Liaising with our Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), we ensured a robust pipeline and worked with our vertically integrated partners for mechanics.  We even locally sourced high-quality upholstery used for upmarket interior design.  It’s been a true pleasure to become Pacale Robo Physio’s manufacturing partner of choice, and we are looking forward to enabling their production for scope, scale, and speed.”

About Pacla Robo Physio

Robo-Physio is an automated spine massage device with 36 robotic fingers.  When a user lies on their back on the device, the robotic fingers stimulate the back to relieve stiffness in the spine.  The 36 robotic fingers provide consistent and accurate treatment around the centre of the spine. The fingers can accommodate different back curvature in shapes and sizes, and thus enable personalised treatment for customers in their own home.

About Dynamic EMS

At Dynamic EMS, we understand that no two-electronic equipment manufacturing customers are the same.  Their products, their supply chains, and their markets all differ, which is why Dynamic EMS offers tailor-made, customised electronics manufacturing services to customers with complex, highly diversified business.

From design to distribution, we enable our customers to be more competitive by bringing innovative solutions to market faster, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.  Dynamic EMS – Your Product Solutions Architect.

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