Enabling Scale, Scope & Speed

Dynamic EMS is one of the UK’s leading contract electronics manufacturers, with a commitment to providing the highest quality Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Customer service and satisfaction is at the cornerstone of what we do, and our aim is to tailor a service model to meet our Original Equipment Makers (OEM) customers technical and commercial business requirements.

Operating across diversified markets, our many years of experience and investment in state-of-the-art technology enables us to support your PCB Assembly and electronic product build throughout the complete production life-cycle, from prototype, through test, and customer delivery, anywhere around the globe.

Specialising in Low Volume High Mix in the advanced complex technology and high reliability market sectors, we are committed to delivering ‘best in class’ contract electronics manufacturing services.

With an industry leading reputation for quality, flexibility and reliability, our customer service culture ensures we understand your business, design a solution in accordance to your specific needs, and delight our customers throughout the process.

Growth Strategies

What makes us Dynamic?

  • We are one of the UK’s largest electronic manufacturing service providers, supporting developmental and educated OEMs with their creation acceleration needs
  • We are in the market, to serve the market, beyond traditional electronics manufacturing
  • We are a gateway for locally realised product introduction, with low volume/high mix capabilities
  • We are in your time zone, we speak your language, and we share the same culture

We increase your time-in-the-market and we maximise your time-in-profit.

Our customers, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are either established brands, or start-ups.  Both are technology companies with the same industry drivers.  One of those industry drivers is rapid innovation, which initiates the need-for-speed.

At Dynamic EMS we connect technology requirements to the speed of innovation, and ensure that our customers can leverage off the benefits that speed-to-market brings.


Existing OEM Evolution

We enable scale, scope and speed by building our network of People, Development, EMS, Markets, Supply Chain and Quality, and build our blocks as a unique service – as Your Product Solutions Architect.

Our expertise and investment in technology enables us to manufacture and test the very latest technology.  Whether boards contain conventional, SMT or flexible technology, Dynamic EMS has the expertise to assemble a wide range of mixed technologies.

We offer a customised solution to resources such as engineering, design for manufacturing, supply chain optimisation, prototyping, failure analysis, testing, production and transfer, while addressing current and emerging industry needs.

This helps us empower you to scale and continue to develop, whilst achieving critical time-to-market and time to profit objectives.

We support our Existing OEM customers’ evolution by:

  • Providing them with a future technology road-map
  • Empowering the customer/supplier relationship for complete transparency for future demands
  • Offering a robust supply chain, with fewer touch-points to reduce risk
  • A certified quality solution, adhering to industry recognised standards


Developmental OEM Acceleration

Dynamic EMS offers tailor-made, customised electronics manufacturing services to customers with complex, highly-diversified businesses.

From design to distribution, we enable our customers to be more competitive, by bringing innovative solutions to market faster, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.

We are Dynamic – We are your Product Solutions Architect.

We bridge the gap for our customers between connecting and accessing technology partners, to product realisation.

Working with our customers’ design engineers to:

  • Design for Test
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design for Cost
  • Design for Procurement
  • Design for Commercialisation
  • Design for Life

From the product concept and developmental stage, we work closely with our customers to ensure we adopt the most efficient and lowest cost solution, as well as the shortest time to market.

We provide:

  • Access to technology
  • Consultation and an education to customers to reduce complexity in the manufacturing and supply chain process
  • The ability to scale from development to manufacturing

Our adaptive and agile approach delivers a responsive service for all customers, and our expertise and investment in technology enables us to manufacture and test the very latest technology.