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Dynamic EMS & EA Technology

Engineering Challenges, Solutions, and Predicting Outcomes

Engineers are natural puzzle solvers – they seek out challenges and are constantly learning, looking for new solutions as well as potential issues. Their focus is problem-solving, almost to the point of obsession. They typically don’t seek the limelight or a title – they simply want to improve the world and its technology.

Good engineers make things look and feel effortless. So many everyday items that we take for granted are made better by engineers, and a quick scan of EMS leaders brings to the forefront that many consider themselves engineers at heart, leading teams and companies from the engineering perspective of problem-solving.

Great engineers know how a product will transform before the customer does. In tune with both the product and customer, they work together, from concept to creation, to bring a successful vision to life. This takes an inquisitive mindset matched with extreme patience and a certain level of creative thinking.

It is important to note that the electronics manufacturing industry currently faces a skills gap, one that impacts technology and innovation jobs like engineering. Now more than ever, a company relies on its engineers to determine its overall success and as a result, that of its customers. A manufacturer that invests effort into upskilling its current workers as well as attracting the next generation of change-makers will be the best option for commercial customers, since that manufacturer understands the importance of securing its long-term future. 

Only the people working daily with engineers fully realise the level of dedication it takes to not only transform a product, but to anticipate the path of its future transformation. While engineering for electronics manufacturing may at times look like a simple game of checkers, a closer look reveals a three-dimensional game of chess.

To better illustrate how engineers really function, we interviewed an engineer and a customer. This gave us a deeper perspective on how the interactivity with an engineering team can make a product stronger and more successful.

We first spoke with Gordon Macdonald, Process Improvement Manager at Dynamic EMS, about his role in the Dynamic engineering function. 

Q: Hi Gordon, would you please tell us why got you into engineering?

Gordon: For me, numbers come more naturally than words – with this makeup, I was probably always destined to be an engineer.

Q: What skills and attributes are important to engineering?

Gordon: An adaptable, rational, logical, and controlled approach that can be applied to suit any situation. Solutions are easiest to apply by understanding the requirements of the specification. Also, an attitude that is built around the premise that you never stop learning, so today’s solution may always be able to be improved tomorrow.

Q: At what point of the process does the engineering function at a customer cross over to Dynamic EMS and how do you ensure that transfer is seamless?

Gordon: The highly experienced Engineering Team at Dynamic covers all functions including Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Test Engineering and Quality Engineering. With this comprehensive skill set, we can complement every customer’s set-up and deliver timely, adaptable, controlled solutions that maximise the added value of the team’s experience. Our processes have been developed to focus on the deliverables that support seamless transfer – from the customer to input into the “Dynamic Process” to delivery to the end customer.

Q:  To ensure you achieve engineering excellence, what criteria do you assess against?

Gordon: Have we delivered in line with the specification? If so, great – how can we improve it?

We also spoke to Roger Davies, Supplier Manager at EA Technology (www.eatechnology.com), to get his perspective on working with Dynamic EMS. EA Technology is a specialist in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets.

Q:  Hello, Roger, thanks for joining us. When you look for engineering excellence within an EMS company, what criteria do you assess against?

Roger: The main areas we focus on are quality, service, ISO credentials, document control, price and incident management so tracking and managing quality incidents if there are any.  We chose Dynamic due to their competitiveness and professional service and support, from concept through to delivery.

Q: At what point in the process does the engineering function at EA Technology cross over to Dynamic EMS and how do you ensure that transfer is seamless? 

Roger: We start working with Dynamic EMS at a very early stage of a new project, getting them involved from the outset, drawing on their expertise and working together, making the transition into production as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Q: To you, what is the most compelling part of the partnership between Dynamic EMS and EA Technology?

Roger: Working with Dynamic has enabled us to improve efficiency, lower costs, and generally enabled us to build a mutually valuable relationship with an organisation that helps us achieve long-term cost savings, in the form of reduced issues with availability, quality and delays in supply.

As noted, an effective relationship at the engineering level can be key to a successful customer-supplier relationship. Dynamic EMS is known for connecting technology requirements to the speed of innovation and ensuring that our customers can leverage the benefits that speed-to-market brings. Our engineers empower us through this process and drive our success, to enable scale, scope, and speed through the entire production lifecycle and beyond.

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