Note of Giving Back

Note of Giving Back

By Victoria Bonnar, Human Resources Manager, Dynamic EMS

This time of year is always a frantic time for Electronic Manufacturing Service providers (EMS) like Dynamic EMS.  Aside from the seasonality of purchase orders and the rush to meet Christmas post due dates, it’s also calendar year-end, which can be a time to reconcile.  But, as we dash around, fighting with the tinsel, baubles, and lights, it’s also a time to reflect on the year that has zoomed past, and how we cast our light onto others as responsible employers with community spirit.

So, as the song goes, ‘Christmas time, it’s a time for giving’, and Victoria Bonnar, HR Manager at Dynamic EMS, would like to share with us the true meaning of #GivingBack.

  1. Developing Young Workforce (DYW) – is the Scottish Government’s Youth Employment strategy to better prepare young people for the world of work.  The employer led Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups set up across Scotland are connecting employers with education. 

Dynamic EMS has worked in close collaboration with this association and ‘Hand Picked’ who put in place an employer sponsorship programme, which supports young people into employment.

As a result, Dynamic EMS has placed four young people into employment for 90-days within the company to learn about the Electronics Manufacturing Solution Provider (EMS) environment.  These individuals are placed within teams with a view to long-term employment and to encourage the next generation of technology talent to rise through our organisation.

2. Growth 500 I CeeD – is a growing community of businesses and academics.  The focus is in supporting CeeD member businesses through the very real challenges that they face daily.  Dynamic EMS’ very own Materials Manager, Sharon Fry and Engineering Assistant, Gavin Ferguson, completed their Ceed programme in 2019, finding the experience very beneficial to their individual growth from a personal and professional perspective.

Both felt that they learned from the members of CeeD, benefited from sharing best practice principles, with a view to improving the performance and profitability of Dynamic EMS.

3. Sponsorship of University Degrees – Dynamic EMS’ very first apprentice, Lewis Aidie, who holds a very special place within the heart of the Dynamic family approached the company, as he wished to continue his study.  It was with great pleasure that the company was able to support Lewis in his academic aspirations.  Lewis is now in his second-year at Heriot Watt University, where he is studying ‘Engineering; Design and Manufacturing (Mechanical and Electrical).  This is a Graduate Apprenticeship, as Lewis completed his Modern Apprenticeship in June 2019.  At every opportunity, Dynamic EMS wishes Lewis well.

And 2020 will be no different for Dynamic EMS. The company has embedded its social and environmental responsibility program firmly into the DNA of its business.  In fact, in May 2020, Dynamic EMS will demonstrate further its electronics industry and local community engagement by hosting an educational event within its facility entitled ‘EMS Dynamics’.  This event will see key professionals from the Scottish Government, Academia, investment banking, and leading businesses meet an audience primarily made-up of start-up electronic entrepreneurs, to understand the power and influence of a connected network.

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