Prototype to Production in 1 Yr

Prototype to Production in 1 Yr

That really is Dynamic!

Meet Mark Sorsa-Leslie, CEO and Co-Founder of Beringar.  Beringar is a company that develops sensors to help; owners, facility managers; asset directors etc, to fully understand how to use their building(s) more efficiently and to improve the comfort level/productivity of their real estate.

The product brainwave was a result of a need that existed within the NHS, where one of Beringar’s clients was tasked to offer additional health services from his existing portfolio of property, but he didn’t have any intelligence to understand how his current properties were being utilised and or underutilised. Beringar developed a solution to enable him to properly understand the use of his space to enable him to program more health services into his existing property portfolio.  Ultimately, this was a way to increase the number of health services offered without increasing any of his property costs.

After this project was successfully delivered, the management team within Beringar identified that their sensor solution could be used in many ways for many markets, one of the main industries being retail.  With this in mind, Mark Sorsa-Leslie understood their need to partner with an EMS who could enable scale.

We were introduced to Dynamic EMS as a company that could assist us from the prototype stage through to the production stage.  From our initial meeting with John Dignan, Owner and Managing Director of Dynamic EMS, and his team, we hit the ground running.  It was literally sketched to scale. We put a joint team together to map out our supply chain and production lifecycle, from design to component sourcing, to development, design for manufacture (DFM) to delivery.

We are now one full year into our relationship, and during that time, we have gone from prototype to placing our first full-scale production order.  It’s been a steep learning curve for us at Beringar.  We have gone from no knowledge on how to build hardware to placing our initial production order.  The whole process has been made easier, as Dynamic EMS openly transfer their knowledge and expertise onto us, helping us, as a start-up, to continuously improve.

From the outset, John Dignan explained that his EMS partnership agreements are built on mutual respect and trust.  He made us aware that as a company, they do not strive to do business with hundreds of customers. That in fact, they are fairly selective with the start-up companies that they chose to engage with.  Through experience, Dynamic EMS have learnt that this operational business model allows them to stay close to all of their customers and that no customers get lost in their system.  As a startup, this methodology was incredibly reassuring for us, as a team of people who didn’t come from an electronics manufacturing background, this mentorship has been the most valuable intangible benefit that Dynamic EMS have offered us.  It goes above and beyond the traditional contract manufacturing model, as John and team proactively assist us to design and develop our product.  As a result, we have sourced components, shortened lead times, reduced our overall production times, and improved our yields.

One year ago, we had a prototype device, today we have a production device, and now thanks to Dynamic EMS, we are ready for explosive growth.

About Beringar

Creating clever space.

The key to improving the comfort and productivity of buildings is being able to understand how and where people are in your space. To meet this challenge, we have developed the most accurate, machine vision-based sensor that uses LoRaWAN to transmit 15 data points including accurate people counting, dwell times, air quality, temperature, noise and ambient light levels. 

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