IPC Train the Trainer

IPC Train the Trainer

Meet Craig Stevens, 23-year-old Engineering Trainee for Dynamic EMS.  Craig was selected by Dynamic EMS as a young recruit who displayed a passion for learning, with the ability to pass that education on.  In a progressive move, Dynamic EMS has made the investment in youthful and committed individuals like Craig to become the Jedi Masters of Electronics Manufacturing.

Craig is the first of potentially a few select individuals that Dynamic EMS has put through IPC 610 CIS training.

IPC 610 CIS is a standard, published by the IPC, which comes with a certification that demonstrates a commitment to customer requirements and greatly assists any company dedicated to ISO-9000, or other quality assurance initiatives.

Craig was selected by Dynamic EMS to pioneer this project, as he has displayed an enthusiasm and an aptitude for learning during his 18 months of employment.  Craig joined Dynamic EMS from CDTI in Glenrothes, where he held the position of set-top box tester for over four years, an apprentice position that he took as he exited his studies.  On entering Dynamic EMS in December 2016, Craig initially started as a production operator, a role he held for seven months, before being promoted to an engineering trainee and transitioning over to the Quality Department.  This was a conscious move on the part of Dynamic EMS to expose Craig to the various training and development opportunities being with Quality would expose him to.

So, what does this training mean for Craig and the Dynamic Team?  At present Craig is the only member to be trained to this standard.  He now wears the badge of honour as a ‘Certificated IPC Trainer’ (CIT) who can train to IPC CIT and CIS standards.  Upon passing, the responsibility now falls onto Craig to pass it on.  The management team within Dynamic EMS have made a strategic investment to ensure that everyone on the shop floor will be trained by the end of Q4 2018, with Craig’s training kicking off in September 2018.

Hat’s off to Craig.  Within just under a year of becoming part of the Dynamic Team, he’s already within a ‘follow the leader’ position as he concludes his ‘train the trainer’ programme.  Wishing Craig and the entire Dynamic team well in their investment into tomorrow’s technology talent and the next generation.

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