Operating at both ends of the market, from supplying the commercial airline sector with electronic content in six major airports, to instrumentation in light aircraft, Dynamic EMS manufactures products delivering peak performance in the harshest of environments.

Delivering aircraft instrumentation requires attention to detail, quality and reliability. At Dynamic EMS we specialise in RF instrumentation and can deliver a full turnkey solution from PCB manufacture and test, to final build and system test.

We specialise in complex electronic assemblies requiring expertise in RF test solutions ensuring the final product is fully compliant to CAA regulations. Our ability to work to the customer’s business model has been critical to our success as a business, and our customer’s success in serving their markets.

Specifically targeting the Aviation market has led us to engage with key market players in the following sub sectors:

  • Commercial Aviation
  • General Aviation

More specifically within the Aviation market, Ground Power Units (GPU) for Commercial Aviation, VHF Radio Units for General Aviation and Light Aircraft.

Problem – Solution – Outcome

Dynamic EMS aims to deliver best in class customer service and with this comes the benefit of our experience and knowledge gained over many years in manufacturing. An example of this in action was when we recognised the need to protect products from moisture ingress and dust contamination, whilst working with a major supplier of commercial airline equipment.

Dynamic EMS worked closely with the customer to develop a solution, utilising our in-house conformal coating service to protect the products operating within harsh environments.