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Dynamic EMS ensure a smooth production introduction and seamless transition to volume manufacturing.

Recognising that time to market is vital to market entry and as a leader in product realisation Dynamic EMS leads the way with an unrivalled prototyping/NPI service. This focus ensures our customers maximise their business opportunities with timely market entry. As a former OEM our background and understanding that market entry point is critical drives us to deliver a smooth introduction for our customers.

Using a controlled and proven process enables us to execute a seamless transition through the prototyping and pre-production stage to volume production. Working closely with our customers during these critical early phases reduces risk and opportunity for errors at a later stage once into production. All new product introductions are carried out in an IPC 610 environment.


Our NPI (New Product Introduction) line utilises a MYDATA SMT machine known for its flexible capability. This enables us to offer flexibility to our customers for New Product Introductions.

NPI Services (New Product Introduction) Manufacturing and Test Engineers

Supporting the NPI process is a dedicated NPI Manager backed by a team of experienced Engineers who have a comprehensive background of introducing many different products over the years. Our Engineering, Manufacturing and Test Engineers work closely with customers to ensure a smooth production introduction and seamless transition to volume manufacturing. Using industry recognised rules in Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Procurement (DFP) our team aims to deliver a product Designed for Excellence using industry best practice.

NPI build reports detail the processes your product undergoes during the NPI and highlights any areas where improvements can be made to streamline the manufacturing process.

    • ESI Programme (Early Supplier Involvement)
    • Design For Excellence:
      • Design for Manufacture
      • Design for Test
      • Design for Procurement
    • Engineering samples
    • Product cost optimisation
    • De-risking through supply chain
    • Program Management

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