Pacla Medical Case Study

Pacla Medical Case Study

Pacla Medical is the company behind ‘BackHug’, a brand new, cutting edge, therapeutic robot. Providing a cost effective, pain relief solution for the workplace.

Founder Chongsu Lee worked as an engineer before retraining as a physiotherapist. He went on to develop a manual technique to help people with chronic back pain and other related conditions.

BackHug was born when he used his engineering skills to replicate his manual technique with robotic fingers.

The Challenge

Even through the BackHug is non-invasive and segmented more as a home care product than a traditional electronics medical device, Pacla Medical wanted to partner with a local Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider who held ISO 13485 certification. Dynamic EMS has held this accolade since November 2017.

The Project

As a start-up, the Pacal Medical team were looking for an established strategic partner, who could help them to build their contact network and supply chain partnerships for vertical integration.

With Dynamic EMS as their partner, Pacla Medical didn’t need to concern themselves with development and distribution. They trusted Dynamic EMS completely to fulfil their forecast.

The Solution

Pacla Medical came to Dynamic EMS with an idea but didn’t have the supply chain network or the connection to enable project realisation. We have gone through the Design for Manufacture (DFM), liaised with our Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs) and we have built a robust pipeline for sourcing, development, and distribution.

We have enabled the production of the BackHug for scope, scale, and speed.

Benefits to Pacla Medical

  • Reduced risk
  • Supply chain orchestration and control
  • The ability to focus on their core competencies whilst allowing Dynamic EMS to focus on theirs
  • Speed, the systems were manufactured and shipped directly to customers within three-months


Benefits to Dynamic EMS

  • Another chance to support a customer through their ISO 13485 certification
  • Building their supplier network for non-traditional electronic components and Vertical Integration parts, for example; premier leather for upholstery
  • Working with an engineer in an emerging market. The home care industry is set to experience significant growth


The Happy Outcome

“As a start-up, the future is a bit uncertain, which can make finding a manufacturing partner challenging, but from the moment we met Dynamic EMS, we were made to feel welcome. From our primary conversation to placing our initial order with Dynamic EMS, we had our systems manufactured and shipped directly to our customers within three months. That is unheard of in the electronics manufacturing industry.”

Founder Chongsu Lee