Partner for success. Learn from Beringar

Partner for success. Learn from Beringar

In this six-minute video, you will meet Mark Sorsa-Leslie, CEO and Co-Founder of Beringar.

Beringar is a company that develops sensors to help; owners, facility managers; asset directors etc, to fully understand how to use their building(s) more efficiently and to improve the comfort level/productivity of their real estate.

Mark Sorsa-Leslie understood their need to partner with an EMS who could enable scale.

“We were introduced to Dynamic EMS as a company that could assist us from the prototype stage through to the production stage. From our initial meeting with John Dignan, Owner and Managing Director of Dynamic EMS, and his team, we hit the ground running. It was literally sketched to scale. We put a joint team together to map out our supply chain and production lifecycle, from design to component sourcing, to development, design for manufacture (DFM) to delivery.”

Dynamic EMS enables scale, scope, and speed.