Riding the Wave with Ace Aquatec

Riding the Wave with Ace Aquatec

Meet Nathan Pyne-Carter, Managing Director of Ace Aquatec, who shares his collaborative approach with preferred Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) Dynamic EMS.

Leading UK based Contract Manufacturer, Dynamic EMS (https://dynamic-ems.com/), was approached by Ace Aquatec (https://aceaquatec.com/) during 2017 to explore how they could bring their humane fish stunning technology from design to development, and distribution.

Nathan Pyne-Carter comments; “Our electronic stunners are being installed globally, therefore we require a UK service provider who is able to work with us on a local level from our base in Dundee, Scotland, whilst organising our global logistics.  Dynamic EMS provides full production lifecycle management from cradle to grave, and beyond, from their headquarters in Dalgety Bay, Scotland.”

Dynamic EMS Quality Control

“As Dynamic EMS takes care of operations for us, our time is freed up to allow us to enjoy a ‘hands-off’ approach to manufacturing, enabling us to focus on our own core competencies of Research & Design and Marketing.  This has helped to inject speed into our own business, allowing us to review the next generation of our equipment and continuous improvement, with a high degree of frequency.

It’s Dynamic’s Inspection and Test capabilities that really caught our eye.  As you can imagine, we have created a solution that needs to perform in the most extreme weather conditions and situations.  Dynamic EMS has put a team of regulated industry experts in place who replicate the harsh environments that our complex equipment needs to perform within.  This type of test isn’t the industry norm.”

Dynamic EMS Matches Our Demand

“As a start-up and growing business, the ability to be able to scale in accordance with real-time market demand is key for us.  Dynamic EMS specialises in low volume/high mix electronics (LVHM) manufacturing, which is perfect for us.  Over a relatively short period of time, our forecast has gone from a small initial prediction, through to large volume production, and Dynamic EMS has been flexible and transparent throughout.

This is where we believe Dynamic EMS really competes, with their ability to be able to cater for both the smaller end of the market, with the attention to detail that level of design to development deserves, through to mass production with the design for cost, compliance, and condition built-in.”

It’s A Dynamic Culture

“When you launch a successful product with Dynamic EMS, you can feel the whole team behind you, like an extension to your own business.  It’s a ‘dynamic’ team spirit and everyone is on first name terms.  They always go out of their way to accommodate us, and continuously go above and beyond the call of most companies.  It’s a true collaboration.”

In this short film, Nathan discusses the benefits partnering with Dynamic EMS brings: https://youtu.be/YC4vysX71IY?list=PL7vE5YpJyIv1TcfvBU-6fvjbB11CMDc7e

About Ace Aquatec

Ace Aquatec specialises in acoustic marine mammal deterrents and humane electrical fish stunning equipment. Our markets are aquaculture, off-shore construction/demolition and fishermen. The US3 is the latest model of acoustic deterrent for the fish farming industry offering data logging, high and low frequency transducers, and sonar triggering. The MMD is offered to the long line fishermen, to offshore platforms engaged in pile driving and government organisations engaged in post oil spillage response. The sophisticated electronics drives marine wildlife to a zone of safety. The HMD is a hull variant of the MMD offered to longline fishermen to reduce by-catch. Electric stunning: The HSU is the latest model of electric stunner. It allows the user to pre-programme a range of parameters for stunning many species and sizes with the same machine. Biomass camera systems: The biocam creates 3D renders of fish using time of flight technology. Sealice removal and destruction systems: mechanical solutions to sealice.

Bringing breakthrough technology innovations to the aquaculture and marine industries.


About Dynamic EMS

At Dynamic EMS, we understand that no two-electronic equipment manufacturing customers are the same.  Their products, their supply chains, and their markets all differ, which is why Dynamic EMS offers tailor-made, customised electronics manufacturing services to customers with complex, highly-diversified business.

From design to distribution, we enable our customers to be more competitive by bringing innovative solutions to market faster, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.  Dynamic EMS – Your Product Solutions Architect.

Enabling Market Solutions for all technology companies.

Find out more about Dynamic, www.dynamic-ems.com.

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