Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Stability in a Changing World

In this article, John Dignan, Managing Director of Dynamic EMS, explains why the supplier/buyer relationship is vital to delivering product at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right quality level, and to the right location.

In the Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) world, a buyer faces many day-to-day challenges, such as synchronizing thousands of parts from across the biosphere, continuously collaborating with global suppliers and working around the clock whilst taking international time zones into account.  As mergers, acquisitions and strategic alignment have changed the ‘local’ supply chain business model, manufacturers have had to adapt to open up their sourcing network and channels to include centralised warehouses and offshore facilities.  In summary, the way that supply chains were planned and managed in the past, no longer supports the supply chain of today, or indeed the future.

We all read, with interest, articles that discuss how the world is changing, but what does this mean for the real operational day-to-day business of an EMS company?

For a company like Dynamic EMS, that works with its OEM customers to tailor a unique and diverse supply chain, based on true business objectives, whilst driving operational and production sustainability, it takes into consideration the IoT, Internet of Things.  IoM, the Internet of Manufacturing, contemplates the need to reassess your supply chain.  Dynamic EMS’ smart software encourages their OEM customers to run a full risk assessment on their supply chain, asking if investments reflect the shift to flexible manufacturing and if they are taking advantage of the new demand manufacturing services available.

By arming themselves with intelligence, OEMs can understand if their production lifecycles reflect the advantages of these new capabilities and if they are designing their products for the future supply chain.

Through quality driven metrics, Dynamic EMS is able to consult its customers on how to create a robust, yet fluid, supply chain, that takes into account supply chain touch points, risk, transparency and traceability, responsiveness to changes in demand planning, proximity to the end-user and the total landed cost of ownership.

 Dynamic EMS – Enabling Scale, Scope, and Speed.

We are now all much more conscious of the risks associated with supply chain complexity.  Over recent years, natural disasters have amplified the need for electronic manufacturers to assess the supply chain vulnerability with their OEM customers.

It is clear that flexible, adaptable and timely supply chains are essential.  This is particularly true as new product introductions (NPI) and product lifecycles are accelerating, again increasing the need for supply chain flexibility and accuracy.  With the complexity of products on the rise and the demand for customisation increasing, whilst there is a reduction in the lifespan of products, scaling to production volume needs to be a core competence of any Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) company.

So, with these market undercurrents, how do Dynamic EMS commit to building a sustainable supply chain?

The answer comes in the form of their supplier partners relations.

Dynamic EMS invests in long-term partnerships and has proactively developed collaborative agreements with suppliers over the past 20 years.  They work together, to strategies and mitigate the macroeconomic risks that exist within today’s manufacturing environment.  The positive impact of a cooperative engagement has led to Dynamic EMS being able to control costs and their OEM customers supply chain.

John Dignan, Managing Director, Dynamic EMS, comments; “Dynamic EMS only works with suppliers who are interested in becoming an integrated part of our business model.  We believe that the process is more streamlined if our suppliers fully understand our business and the demands of our customers.  This enables us to deliver the correct business, at the correct cost, to the correct customer.  By customising and defining a ‘tailor made solution’ and presenting a unified supply chain service, which is adaptive and agile to continuous change, we enable our customers to get ahead in an ever-increasing competitive landscape.”

Marian McAloon, Strategic Account Manager, Future Electronics, adds; “The culture of Dynamic EMS is evident.  All of the team care and you feel this passion as a supplier, when you work with them.  They are a strong EMS provider, they offer an attractive solution to the market, and as they grow, they will continue to evolve into an even stronger force in the industry.  It is important to us, as a supplier, that we continue to nurture and support our relationship.”

Dynamic EMS recently hosted their annual supplier chain partner day within their headquarters in Dalgety Bay Scotland.  The event was a complete success as best practices were shared for future success.  You can find out more about the event here: