Supply Chain

Total Supply Chain Management

Rapid innovation is initiating the need for speed and disrupting the supply chain model as we know it. Forces such as the digital age, globalisation, software integration, customisation, complexity and environmental changes have driven the need for a robust supply chain, backed up with complete traceability and transparency.

Dynamic EMS works with our customers and supply chain at both the design stage, and throughout the life-cycle of a product.

Procurement, materials sourcing and inventory management is crucial to the success of meeting customer required delivery dates. Our Supply Chain Manager and Materials Group will develop a strategy that will best meet your individual business needs in all aspects, from supplier selection, through supply chain, to inventory management.

Using our leverage and expertise, we aim to develop a unique supply chain that delivers value to your business. From our ESI (Early Supplier Involvement) programme, to our vertically integrated supply chain solutions, we can help you with sourcing a total solution for your finished product.

We operate both offshore and near-shore sourcing strategies to complement our local procurement, which results in our customers often having blended solutions, and the best of both worlds.


Shipping Globally

The Dynamic EMS service model extends beyond our capability to manufacture quality products, to the way we service the delivery of products to our end customer, and indeed our customers’ customers. If you are looking for a total solution, then Dynamic EMS is the right fit for you.

With solid experience of logistic solutions and aftercare services, we will work with you to develop solutions that are right for your business. Where some customers focus on the design and marketing of their products, Dynamic EMS not only focuses on manufacturing, but ensures delivery of your products when you need them and where you need them, anywhere on the globe. This is supported by our trained customer services team that takes care of transport management, custom clearance and logistics documentation, ensuring that the logistics solution you choose, delivers value.

We offer many logistic options including ship from stock, provide consignment stock (pay-on-use), Build-to-order (BTO), Configure-to-order (CTO), Just-in-time (JIT) and many variations of finished goods models tailored to meet individual business needs.  These are all focussed on ensuring your customers receive their products on time, every time, presented in the correct packaging. As this may be the first time your customers see the product, it is imperative that it is presented in accordance with packaging specifications enabling the ‘customer experience’. A further extension to our logistics service is our experience in the design of bespoke packaging with third parties enabling, the ‘customer experience’.

Dynamic EMS offers a standard warranty model that includes 12 months on workmanship and this can be extended by prior agreement in a Service Level Agreement, should this be desired.

Shipping globally, we have the scalability and experience to service requirements for every market sector. Once we fully understand your requirements, our customer support team will build a finished goods model that best suits your business.


Supply Chain Simplicity

To enable scale, scope and speed, we have to be able to offer a robust supply chain that offers a unique competitive advantage to our customers, by reducing their touch-points and removing risk.

By forming close and long-lasting relationships with our supply chain partners, we can offer our customers:

  • Complete transparency and traceability
  • Supplier validation
  • Consultancy and information on terms and conditions
  • Contract negotiation education
  • A proactive approach to market dynamics

By operating in your local language, culture and time zone, our Dynamic Supply Chain reduces risk and cost, and creates competitive advantage by accelerating time-to-market, giving more time-in-the-market, whilst offering you complete intellectual property protection.

We are Your Product Solutions Architect.  Our collaborative supply chain partners provide customised, flexible and integrated supply chain solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our customers.  We present a unified supply chain that is adaptive and responsive to continuous change, and we assist our customers to stay ahead in a dynamic world, that is increasingly competitive.

Enabling Scale, Scope & Speed

Made in the UK

UK manufacturing growth accelerates as OEMs, who once saw offshore as the attractive offer, are now more educated, making decisions based on the true cost of ownership, or the total landed cost.  These both take external influencers such as; economics, social well-being, technology requirements, environmental issues, supply chain simplicity or intellectual property protection into account.

As a British manufacturer, precision and efficiency are a fundamental part of our industrious DNA.

As one of the largest UK manufacturers, we globally support large and small technology brands.  With specialist skills in mechatronics, we provide much more than Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).  As we are privately owned, everything we do is driven by our customers and their markets, enabling us to be far more nimble than the average EMS company.

  • We guarantee that your product is manufactured right, the first time, on time, every time
  • What we promise, we deliver
  • We have been in operation for 60 years. What we do is a tried and tested process
  • A gateway to global manufacturing
  • Agile in decisions and investments
  • Long-term view of partnerships


Rising wages in Asia means companies have seen their costs rise, which makes UK workers more competitive.

Facts from September 2017 – From the Manufacturers Organisation

  • Manufactured exports are up, driven by a global upswing in demand and some support from a weaker Sterling
  • Manufacturing is set for change, with industry gearing up for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)

UK manufacturers are having their busiest spell for 20+ years.  A report by Ernst and Young in 2015 said bringing manufacturing back to the UK was a “once in a generation” opportunity that could provide a £15 billion boost to the economy and create 315,000 jobs.

There’s a lot in the news at present about reshoring and some useful resources on the subject are: