We Test

Maximising Test Coverage – Minimising Opportunity For Error

PCB Testing to Eliminate Printed Circuit Board Defects that Drives Down Cost

At Dynamic EMS we believe every product should be 100% tested and verified before the customer receives it. We operate complementary test methodologies and utilising the expertise of the in-house Test development team we can help you develop a test strategy that will ensure your products are fully tested and verified to meet specification prior to shipment. Testing is deeply embedded in our organisation and we aim to drive cost down by eliminating the opportunity for defects in the build process.

Using our experience and skills our test engineers work diligently to improve testability which results in reducing cost and making products easier to test through the manufacturing process. The resulting benefit from this test expertise is reliable products in the field giving you confidence in your market place.


Dynamic EMS have invested in two of the latest Takaya flying probe systems which are recognised as the industry leading Flying Probe test systems in process testing. These Takaya flying probe systems offer maximum flexibility in electrical test for low to medium volume applications. Flying probe testing has the added advantage of being able to test PCB assemblies with limited test access. Flying probe test uses fixtureless technology which minimises setup costs and at Dynamic EMS we have an experienced team of Test Engineers in-house who can develop a test program for your product.


For those customers who have higher volume requirements we have three Teradyne In-Circuit (ICT) bed of nails test systems. Teradyne ICT systems offer the most comprehensive, reliable and repeatable electrical test through bed-of-nails technology. Our Test Engineering team at Dynamic EMS can provide turnkey ICT test solutions through partnering with our preferred fixture house.


Complementing these two methods is our team’s expertise in Functional Test. We have comprehensive experience of developing test solutions on many platforms including Labview, C++, IEEE, Assembly language and Arduino. Working with customers we can utilise consigned test kit, develop solutions from scratch, improve and de-skill existing solutions to reduce test times. Using JTAG Technologies software we can execute Boundary Scan test routines where test access is very limited. Our test background and expertise is comprehensive and our specialist team of test engineers work with customers to develop solutions that ensures their products are tested and validated for full functionality. Functional test solutions can be developed for PCB level, sub-assembly, box-build or final system test.

Underpinning our test strategy is our QMS quality system where all results can be recorded and logged for traceability. All our test equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with recognised industry certifications.



Dynamic EMS offer comprehensive BGA rework facilities using industry leading Ersa IR550a and the PDR IR rework systems.

Using these rework systems enables us to replace defective parts in the unlikely event of a device failure whilst retaining the value of the components already soldered to the board.   The task of desoldering, placement and resoldering all types of SMD components can easily be carried out using our rework facilities.