Why Setting the Standard is Important

Why Setting the Standard is Important

Let’s talk about why accreditation counts when considering your Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM).  Leading UK CEM, Dynamic EMS, explains why they believe certification attainment can tell you a lot about the manufacturing service provider that an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners with.

John Dignan, CEO, Dynamic EMS, explains; “Working in Contract Manufacturing means that quality and reliability are paramount.  OEMs put their trust in the CEM partner.  In the case of start-up companies, the scenario can be like handing over their first-born child to the care of a teacher.

We are frequently asked by other contract manufacturers, and our OEM partners, what accreditations are required for the manufacture of high reliability and/or specialist equipment, and the standards that highlight your CM company as being, best in class.



Extremely demanding and highly technological manufacturing sectors, such as the aviation, space and defense industry, choose partners of globally renowned quality from which they, rightly so, expect extremely reliable and safe products.

To achieve these exemplary standards, the highly regarded industry accreditation AS9100 was conceived.  AS9100 is an aerospace standard based on the ISO 9001 quality system requirements. AS9100 takes ISO 9001 and enhances with additional quality system elements which were established by the aerospace industry to satisfy DOD, NASA, and FAA quality requirements.

AS9100 is proof that the accredited company has a tightly controlled, accomplished and robust quality management system in place within their operations.



It is mandatory for manufacturers of automotive parts to be certified according to the standards of ISO/TS 16949 and/or the various applicable VDA 6 certifications.

The VDA 6.X Quality Management System certification is also an extension of ISO 9001, but for the automotive industry, and is required by automotive manufacturers.

Both the ISO/TS 16949 and the VDA 6.X certifications share their roots in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Medical Devices

At Dynamic EMS, we are proud of the fact that that we have achieved and maintained the coveted ISO 13485 accreditation. Quality and reliability in the medical device industry are primary to everyone’s wellbeing, health, and safety.

If your CEM holds ISO 13485, it demonstrates their focus and determination to adhere to, and support, the stringent requirements that the authoritative bodies have placed upon them.  This validates their ability to commit long-term, which is what any OEM/CEM relationship is underpinned by.

As an accredited company, we at Dynamic EMS are regularly, and extensively, audited in every department by the BSI Registrar to prove our continued adherence to the standards and efficiency of all procedures. We are audited from design and development, through to production, electronics assembly, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and despatch.  Every component part of our business must comply.